Aesthetic Self Ligating System


The briefing
To produce an aesthetic self-ligating bracket that is totally clear and discreet, that does not stain, and to give you, the clinician, a great bracket to work with.

The result
A technologically advanced, torque in base, passive, totally clear self-ligating bracket, made from next-generation bio-compatible ceramic/co-polymer material.
Brilliantly Clear Outstanding clarity will ensure your patients will appreciate the discreet and almost invisible look of their Laclear™ appliance, throughout the course of their treatment. Ultra smooth, rounded corners also provide greater levels of oral comfort.

Improved Oral Hygiene
The sleek, low-profile design and extremely smooth contours of each Laclear™bracket means less food-traps, helping patients maintain good oral hygiene.

Safe, Predictable De-Bonding
Proven mechanical lock bonding surface ensures a reliable bond throughout treatment, with the adhesive of your choice.
The addition of co-polymers to the ceramic reduces brittleness enabling brackets to be debonded safely and easily, without shattering or fracturing (just use your normal metal bracket debonding technique.)

Ideal for Lower Teeth
Laclear™ brackets have high torque strength and are abrasion resistant, but do not have the extreme hardness and brittleness of ceramic/sapphire, and are ideal for bonding to lower teeth, preventing possible upper incisor edge attrition, and giving you and your patients peace of mind.

Low Frictional Forces
Laclear™’s exceptional low-frictional forces are superior to stainless steel, providing high performance sliding mechanics.

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