Buccal Tubes

Ligature Ties
  • Medical grade colorants
  • Smooth, molded ligature design 
  • Strength without bulkiness, color stability without heavy metal hazards, and clean, tab less removal from the stick or ring for patient comfort

Available in packs of 100 sticks, 1.000 rings per pack.

Elastomeric Chains
  • Continuous, gentle force for predictable tooth movement
  • High elasticity with superior memory and rebound
  • Available in 3 lengths – Short, Medium & Long
  • 15 ft. spool
  • Thickness: .026" (Thin .018")
  • Available in 24 colors

Werdenta manufactures these amber elastics from the finest surgical grade natural latex rubber.
Our precision cutter blades are re-calibrated and sharpened multiple times daily.
Elastics are precision cut to force value and the clean-cut edges insure consistent expansion and force.

1000 elastics per pack, 50 packs per box
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